Regetta Canoe – the urban fashion tool

How can a family shoe line become a word wide fashion brand (and in a very short time)?

How can a family shoe line become a word wide fashion brand (and in a very short time)? Founder and designer Yasuo Takamoto from Osaka, Japan, bets on RegettaCanoe’s unique look inspired by traditional construction, combined with ultra-modern technologies and appealing seasonal offer.

Primarily known for its sandal that reinterprets the geta (the traditional wooden Japanese sandal) RegettaCanoe launched out on the European and US market in Spring 2016 with a bold new line introducing fashion-oriented, playful silhouettes including wedge boots and sneaker-shoes in vibrant colors and prints.

A well channeled effort that turned RegettaCanoe into a cool brand, thanks to its spokespersons, New Yorkers Amy Marietta, well known lifestyle blogger & journalist, and fashion stylist Jordan Gill, San Diego based style blogger & photographer Alexandra Ford and Californian model & actress Haley Permenter, fashion influencers that show how well can RegettaCanoe shoes incorporate into a contemporary wardrobe. The Japanese footwear brand, born out of wearability and comfort needs, aims towards the zestful, young city woman that chooses no less than the best shoe in terms of practicality and design.

Entitled by its designer “the urban comfort tool”, RegettaCanoe shoes are built with the city dweller in mind, an active person that walks around town in her or his daily activities. Following the traditional aspect of the geta but also using modern and innovative techniques, Takamoto came up with an original and innovative sole design made from a lightweight, low-carbon material that is shock absorbing and has anti-microbial properties.

The result is one-of-a-kind urban shoe that happily marries comfort and design. The canoe-shaped outsole envelops the entire foot from toes to heel allowing for an ideal ‘rolling walk’ and creating a healthy foot posture while the insole supports the natural curve of the arch like a super soft bed for the foot. The upper is made from animal-friendly materials to highpoint the joyful philosophy behind this label. RegettaCanoe shoes are made for a fun & fashionable stroll around town and the cool kids have started to take note!

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